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It is very healthy to hold our friends and business associates to a high standard of loyalty and reliability and communication we expect from our circle of friends and business associates we keep. It is clear that we would all be better off in every way by not having people who don’t meet our own personal standards in reliability, empathy and communication to be involved in our lives.

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Robbery suspect, whose lawyer threatened suit if client was indicted, has case dismissed

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — A West Brighton man accused of armed robbery last September, whose attorney threatened to sue the city if the case was brought to a grand jury for indictment, had his charges dropped for lack of evidence earlier this month.

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A boisterously eccentric defense attorney yesterday accused a Bronx Supreme Court judge of being “homophobic” after the jurist told him to stop “dancing” around “in a flamboyant nature” in his courtroom.

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Get out of relationships and business associations that repeatedly disappoint us and make us unhappy or feel unwanted. Run from those that repeatedly fall short and make us unhappy.

Better sooner than later, too.

BECAUSE WE ALL END UP WITH WHATEVER WE ACCEPT I ROBERT FELDMAN provide personal communication at any time between sunrise and sunset 365 days a year.



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