Robert J Feldman


If you, a family member or a loved one has been charged with either a felony, misdemeanor or even a violation, the criminal defense attorney you hire will play a large role in shaping your future.

The skill, ability and knowledge of your defender may mean the difference between jail and probation, a permanent criminal record and a minor fine or a dismissal or not guilty verdict.

Our office doesn’t offer false promises. We don’t just cop a plea for a quick paycheck. We take the time to fully review your case, give you clear information about the challenges you face and then we develop the right strategy to get results.

“Attorney advertising. Prior results do not guarantee future outcomes.”

Talk to me! I promise i will do my best to help you!

We believe that when your freedom, your rights and your criminal record are on the line, you want a criminal lawyer on your side that has spent his entire career in the criminal justice system. Law enforcement and criminal prosecutors don’t spend half of their time dealing with divorce and personal injury cases, so why would you want a jack-of-all-trades when what you really need is someone with a deep understanding of the criminal law and practice?

Attorneys Are Fighting For Your Freedom